May 26, 2012

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I’ve always loved the Judy Collins version of Jimmy Webb's song, “The Moon’s a Harsh Mistress” –“See her how she flies, golden sails across the sky,” etc., and those lovely, haunting lyrics have been running through my head lately, but with slightly different lyrics. Last time on my blog I talked cheerily about how I was enjoying taking a break from writing, (more…)

Camped Out in the Fallow Fields

February 25, 2012

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I'm not writing a word of fiction these days, and it feels just fine. From ancient times, farmers have rotated crops, planted one but let another lie fallow for a season so the depleted soil can rest and replenish. For years I worked on WHERE THE LAKE BECOMES THE RIVER, my first novel, and (more…)

In Fiction is the Preservation of the World

October 7, 2011

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When I was a kid spending summers at my dad's childhood home in the deep woods not far from Oxford, Ms., our favorite destination was a place a mile or two up the road from Mamaw and Papaw's place, called the Sand Cave. Mamaw's family owned it; she'd grown up on that property; her (more…)


May 10, 2011

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That's Russian for "hello," or "greetings!" Recently someone from Ryazan, Russia, visited my website, sparking my curiosity about the town. I investigated (Wikipedia), and found that Ryazan was situated on the Oka River southeast of Moscow, was, sadly, the first Russian city to be sacked by the Mongol horde of Batu Khan in 1237, and, has a lovely belltower. There were photos of the belltower, including one from the (more…)


April 23, 2011

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I set out to write a novel about one soul's quest to understand "The Truth About Life After Death" (a TV Guide-sized descript could read: "Girl wrestles with Death--and wins.") I had no idea I was going to write a romance while I was at it, but the Muse knew. Why? The Muse is (more…)


February 6, 2010

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A writer would rather write than do much of anything else. Writing is her gift to the world, a legacy and memorial.

There's a story about the king of an ancient kingdom in Asia--Japan or China, I don't remember which. This king is a poet, and he wants to leave a legacy of his (more…)


November 22, 2009

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My second novel is finished. I mean, well, "finished" meaning the entire story is down on the page, the final sentences are written and doing exactly what they ought'er do, every character has grown, and changed, and reached a certain point in his/her tale, poised to follow the road to new adventures. Now (more…)


October 22, 2009

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A few days ago I was noodling on Amazon, and noticed a new review on WHERE THE LAKE BECOMES THE RIVER's page. It was a generous and kindly bit of feedback, by a woman named Carol, out in Oregon. I lived in the Pacific Northwest (Seattle) for a couple of decades before moving back (more…)

TV, Part Two: In the Cyclop's Cave

August 30, 2009

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On the set of North Carolina Bookwatch, the sound man, discreet as a fine tailor, mikes you by placing a transciever the size of a cell phone just below your waistband at the back, and a tiny mike on your lapel.

The room is cavernous and dark beyond the hyper-brightly lit stage set of (more…)

Anti-Chronology, sez the Book, Is Where It's At

May 22, 2009

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I do believe that if you listen, over how ever long it takes, a book will tell you what it wants to be. In this case, Where the Lake Becomes the River was determined to be non-chronological. It took the shape it wanted to take.

The book starts in a "present" wherein the heroine, Parrish, (more…)


April 22, 2009

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So, most folks have seemed to like my humble little book, but one person who really, truly did not like it at all, complained, among other failings, that it had way too many dreams in it. (As Mr. Lincoln said, You cannot please 'em all.) (Mr. Lincoln himself had a quite spectacular precognitive dream/ (more…)


April 4, 2009

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I've kept dream journals for many years. There are certain landscapes and buildings I've revisited many times on the Dream Plane. One of these is the great Library in the Sky, as I think of it.
It's a lovely, classical Greek building full of light, with many rooms--a library and museum combined. It (more…)
I wondered, Why are so many of us compelled to write?...and the Muse, riding shotgun, replied, "The soul must speak, and longs to be heard."

The Muse and the musician

The Soul Dreams, Listening to Her Muse

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