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I've kept dream journals for many years. There are certain landscapes and buildings I've revisited many times on the Dream Plane. One of these is the great Library in the Sky, as I think of it.
It's a lovely, classical Greek building full of light, with many rooms--a library and museum combined. It has marble floors, skylights, statues and paintings and stained glass, big plush armchairs, and polished tables with chairs arranged around them. Once I met my father there (he died when I was young, but we visit on the dream plane), and he was at one of the tables with papers spread out, happily absorbed in a project he was working on.
There are wings that hold special collections. One of these is what Edgar Cayce called the Akashic Records; I've gone there, accompanied by spirit guides (or were they Librarian guardians?) to pull out volumes and look up prior sojourns on this planet, find out where and when I've known someone before--ancient Rome, Japan, Africa, etc. Once I was demonstrating to these guardians how adept I'd gotten at flying on the dream plane--was sailing along parallel a few feet above the polished floor, and they reprimanded me, said to come and pay attention. They were probably pointing out certain central lessons I'd failed to learn in past lives, and had to revisit, work harder on, and hopefully get right this time around.
There are sweeping, lushly carpeted stairways that lead up to higher levels of the Great Library, but when I try to climb them, I'm always prevented by a strong, buzzing electrical sort of charge--these upper levels must be more rarified energetic realms that I'm not qualified (not refined enough yet) to access...?
Anyhow, the Great archetypal Library is one of my favorite places to hang out on the dream plane. Anyone been there too, and recognize it?
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